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Product Display

& Cardboard Engineering   

Our specialist teams support their needs suppling concepts scamps and detailed plans as required for their retail spaces. Our technical design team work closely to delivery ideas that push boundaries enhancing in-store shopping experience and driving foot fall.  

Experts in Point of Sale and Campaign Delivery

POS Displays is a print marketing technique used to elevate sales at the point of transaction. Point of Sale is predominantly used in retail; the most common industry to use a wide variety of display systems in aim to boost sales. An example can be seen in most retail stores at their till points, here you’ll see CDUs (Counter Display Units) and FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Units). POS Displays are usually anywhere in a store where the customer makes a buying decision or equally a supplier funded promotion or offer.  

UPG produce a range of high-quality Point of Sale products that promote an integrated campaign, product, or service offering. Choosing the right point of sale solution for your products to stand out in the crowed is key. Here at PrintBig we create displays that are impactful and will leave a lasting impression on your customers delivering maximum return on investment.

UPG produces Free Standing Display Units, Leaflet Holders and Retail window displays to name but a few. Each of these display systems/methods are designed to communicate your message to consumers to drive brand engagement and more sales!

We can create bespoke Point of Sale display units today!

UPG Computer Screen with FSDU design

We Have On-site
Design and CAD Team

An integral part of our business, understanding and developing the briefs of our clients. We can take you from start to finish, providing insightful ideas and support throughout the entire design and project management process. The group utilise high-end software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk 3D, StudioMax and Zund CAD to delivery exciting, stimulating and innovative point of sale solutions, ranging from FSDU to more bespoke point of sale display solutions and campaign delivery.


Our bespoke point of sale or product display solution are a comprehensive one stop service that ensures our products and designs meets your point-of-sale requirements and creates the results you want to see. We Love working as teams and have break out rooms and facilities for your agents or team leaders to brainstorm, alternatively, interactive project rooms allow for remote working as required.

Samples Solutions Centre
We are expanding our product design and CAD Centre linked to a digital technology process. Opening soon, we will provide more meeting points for clients and interactive design tools. Working with experts your agents and team members you will be able to bring ideals to life.
Please talk to Kier Simons or Iain Pape for more information.

UPG bespoke Free Standing Display Unit FSDU

We partner with retail design agencies, retail specialists, branding agencies and OEM’s.

Our specialist teams support their needs suppling concepts scamps and detailed plans as required for their retail spaces. Our technical design team work closely to delivery ideas that push boundaries enhancing in-store shopping experience and driving foot fall.  We love working with brands direct as well as leading agencies and have for over 20 years. We are obsessed with detail, and work to ensures we can make an impact every time.

• Custom display units
• Cardboard POP & POS display units
• LED Lightboxes
• Wall panels and coverings
• Instore signage and wayfarying
• Print & Graphics

Super Whippett

A striking bespoke POS item approx 2 meters tall that includes two printable board (or textile) panels and a CAD cut insert topper for endless retail possibilities. For your bespoke offering call us today!

We offer retail brand specialists POS fabrication linked to use our retail display services, from design to delivery.

We are focused on delivering success with our stress-free end-to-end service, which is valued by our partners today. All our graphics & print projects are completed in-house – helping us minimise costs and maximise quality control.  
Our expert teams can provide design support, workshops for brainstorming at our tech and sample centre in kent. We help you bring to life effective designs from your initial drawing or idea, that can be delivered in the most cost-effective solution. Integrating our manufacturing expertise ensure attention to detail. Once signed off prototypes or one-offs are produced to play back to brand leaders for sign off.  
We are happy to work directly with your clients or to act a ‘silent partner’ – the choice is yours. Brand and marketing understanding is the key to delivering success! Our work with agencies and brands means we can create retail display solutions that are fit for purpose driving sales, and brand loyalty. With dedicated assembly and collation teams linked to a trusted distribution network we can save you time, money and worry. Working smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

UPG delivery a seamless end-to-end integrated service, with continued investment in people and tech. This allows us to deploy huge retail, automotive and FMCG project experience. With state-of-the-art hardware and supporting facilities we can provide exceptional quality and an ultra-modern workflow under one roof.

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The concept for your display will focus on how to stand out in a crowded store while staying true to your brand. Whether your brand is understated or in-your-face we'll find the best way to get customers to stop and buy your product.


Illumination and multimedia interaction can be big factors in helping your product stand out. We can provide fully illuminated products and digital/ touch screen elements in almost all designs.


After a prototype has been produced that meets the requirements of the detailed brief the display will be put into production. The finished product will be made from the material chosen to suit your retail environment and make best use of the space available on your shop floor or at an event

Sustainable & Ethical

We also take our environmental footprint and supply-chain responsibilities very seriously. We have developed a radical plan to reduce the environmental impact of the products we produce by only using materials and processes that reduce waste, energy consumption and are recyclable

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